What not to do after a sleepless night

When you go out in the open air, look at the sky and fix your gaze at a specific point in the firmament. This will produce a biochemical reaction that will help reduce the hormone responsible for sleep.

If you suffer from insomnia, you should know that there are some things that you should avoid doing after spending a night in white: if you do not do it, you will be able to see yourself in better shape and you will feel much better.

Today we will give you some tips to avoid the most common mistakes committed by many people after a sleepless night.

Drink the famous energy drinks

You can drink a good coffee, take a nap or drink a refreshing drink, but you must never drink energy drinks. The only thing these drinks do is damage your health, as they contain a lot of harmful substances to the body.

Avoid doing physical activity

When you can not sleep as you should, during the night blood sugar levels, cholesterol and heart rhythm can be affected and altered. This makes you feel tired all day and possibly sleep may get the better of you in the less indicated place and at the less convenient time.

The best thing to do is try to do physical activity, since physical activity  – especially cardiovascular exercises –  helps to release adrenaline, which will keep you awake.

There is also a fairly widespread and effective makeup. When you go out, look at the sky: if it is cloudless and blue, try to fix the gaze for a few minutes on a point of the firmament. This produces a biochemical reaction that helps to reduce the production of melatonin, a hormone that generates sleep.

Take a nap for more than fifteen minutes

You should drink a cup of coffee and then take a nap no later than fifteen minutes. According to some studies, caffeine takes twenty minutes to take effect; for this reason, if you rest for the recommended fifteen minutes, you will feel much better (five minutes after waking up). On the contrary, if you sleep more than fifteen minutes, you will have the opposite effect.

Fill the face with makeup

When a person does not sufficiently sleep at night, he usually does not look very pleasant: his face is pale, his eyes are red, the eyes are dark. This causes people to suffer a kind of unattractive transformation. These changes are due to a large amount of toxins released during the night through the glands. Not having received the necessary rest, the cells fail to perform the functions they usually do during sleep.

The most natural way to solve this problem is to do an exfoliation with some natural product to activate the blood circulation. For dark circles, you can use a special cream or simply place cotton balls soaked in chamomile. For women, try not to wear too much makeup.

Sleep is vital to our health. Lack of sleep can put many organs at risk and our quality of life will be affected. Our physical appearance will get worse and we will be tired and stressed at any time. Therefore, you must try to find a solution immediately to the problem that causes this lack of sleep.