Onion jam recipe

Depending on how you cook the onion, you will get a taste rather than another. If you cook it in the oven instead of boiling it in water, you will give it a more special and tasty touch.

Onions jam is as original as it is tasty; a perfect and delicious condiment for many dishes that you should not miss out on. For an aperitif, to accompany meat, fish and, why not, to make cheese croutons; this jam would be an innovative choice in your kitchen. 

The onion jam is sweet, very simple to prepare and will bring to your kitchen a touch of originality, which, then, you will not be able to do without. As already known, the onion is wonderful in all its forms, healthy, beneficial and tasty; an indispensable element nowadays in our kitchens and that has been very successful in recent times. Do not hesitate to try it, you and your families will like it very much.

Benefits of onion jam

  • Antianemic properties: the onion is an excellent source of iron, phosphorus and vitamin E, helping to maintain and produce red blood cells.
  • Diuretic and purifying: thanks to its potassium content, it helps us to eliminate the accumulation of liquids and to regulate hypertension.
  • Source of vitamin B: the onion is a magnificent source of vitamin B and magnesium that are good for our nervous and muscular system. A simple and natural way to get energy and have a better quality of life.
  • Antioxidant: thanks to vitamins A and C and its flavonoids, an abundant dose of antioxidants is obtained.
  • Avoid constipation: the onion fights constipation and regulates the digestive system, helping us also to prevent the appearance of intestinal parasites.

Onion jam recipe


Onions jam is very easy to prepare. First you have to choose some glass containers to keep it in the best way. We present the recipe for a kilo of jam, so you can adjust with the size of the containers in order to preserve the jam in good condition.

We also point out that to prepare the onion we preferred to bake it instead of boiling it in water, since it gives it a much more special and tasty flavor. However, you can cook it as you wish, there are people, in fact, who choose to grill it on wood. It depends on your tastes.


  • 1 kg of tender onions
  • 500 gr. of sugar


  1. Start by coating the baking pan with aluminum foil. Now peel the onions and wash them well and cut them into rings; then put them on the pan with a dash of olive oil and a little salt. Turn on the oven to 200 degrees and leave the onions for about 35 or 40 minutes, checking that they cook on both sides turning them occasionally.
  2. When the onions are cooked, remove them from the oven and let them cool for a few minutes. Meanwhile, prepare a pot with just over three glasses of water and half a kilo of sugar. Introduce cooked onions and cook over medium heat for half an hour. Turn constantly to prevent them from sticking to the pan and because they get the right consistency little by little. You will see how it all starts to caramelize by assuming a dark color and a good smell. Be very careful not to burn them or to stick them to the pot. If you had to burn a little, the taste of the jam would be different.
  3. Let it sit for about ten minutes. In this way it will take on greater consistency. Now you can put the jam in the glass containers. To preserve it, you can cook it in a bain-marie. Once the containers are tightly closed, place them in a pot with water. When the water is boiling and you hear the typical “pop” sound, they will be ready.

The recipe we presented to you is sweet and caramelized. There are also other versions: some, for example, prefer to add balsamic vinegar, butter, and 200 grams of cane sugar with the same amount of onion and even put a little honey. However, the recipe presented by us is simpler and we assure you that the taste of baking can be felt at every bite. If you like a cuisine full of contrasts, if you like to combine flavors, do not hesitate to try this tasty onion jam!

A tasty way to eat it is, for example, with wholemeal croutons (as it appears in the image). Just put a slice of cheese on the crouton and a teaspoon of onion jam on top. A tasty and original appetizer, ideal for when you have guests at home.