Guidelines to maintain your best bladder health condition

With age, your bladder and its performance also changes. There are some types of conditions that might develop in your bladder area with age. These may include common types of infections, tract infection and incontinence. It may not be possible to take control of each condition on your own but you can follow strict guidelines to maintain healthy bladder condition.

Drink sufficient water and fluids

To stay healthy it is important to drink at least 8 glasses of water on daily basis. Water is considered as best liquid for your healthy bladder. You should try and consume more of liquid along with water. In case you are facing serious conditions then you can restrict your water intake.

Reduce caffeine and alcohol

It is advisable to try and cut down intake of caffeine and alcohol drinks. This includes soda, coffee, tea and alcohol. Try and drink liquids that are healthy for your condition.

Avoid smoking

In case you are used to smoking then it is advisable to try and quit it as soon as possible. In case you are a non-smoker then it is best to avoid getting into this habit.

Treat constipation

Constipation in all cases should always be avoided. You should try and consume more of foods that are rich in fiber including fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Constipation can also be avoided by consuming excess amount of water daily. You also need to get involved with different types of physical exercises.

Maintain right body weight

The moment you are making selection of food, you need to ensure that you only select foods that are healthy. You have to ensure that you don’t get over weight so right type of food selection is important. You can also approach best urology hospital in India and consult an expert to help you prepare right diet chart to follow.

Physical exercise

Along with healthy diet it is important to follow regular sessions of physical exercises. This will prove helpful in eliminating bladder related problems. This will also prove helpful in treating constipation conditions.

Exercise pelvic region

Exercises are good for your pelvic region and bladder health. These also help in controlling urine flow in the bladder area. It will help in strengthening your bladder and pelvic muscles thus preventing urine leakage. You should try and exercise on regular basis for your pelvic region.

Urinate more often

It is advisable for any person to urinate at least once ever three hours. Your bladder is not designed to hold urine for much hour and so it has to be cleansed and relaxed very often. Try and empty bladder every three hours so it is relaxed. This will also prevent infection formation in this region.

Try and urinate completely every time

The moment you are urinating, try not to save urine in your bladder for next time. You should always ensure that your bladder is empty of urine every time you urinate. If urine is collected in bladder then it can lead to bladder infection. So when urinating, try and take sufficient time to empty your bladder.

Apart from this, when urinating always ensure that you are in relaxed position. Also try and maintain hygiene after urinating.