Remedies for ingrown nails

To prevent the nails from bending and incarnating, you should always cut them straight, so that the ends can come out.


Most frequent causes

  • When the nails are cut in the wrong way, giving them a round shape, which causes abnormal growth. To make your nails grow well, you need to cut them straight, so that the corners come out and do not bend.
  • Wearing very tight shoes or high heels the natural growth of the nails is damaged, making them incarnate.
  • When the feet are not properly cleaned, the nails can be filled with dirt and become incarnated as a result.
  • When you receive numerous bumps in your toes, because you practice a particular type of sport or depending on the type of work that takes place, your nails will be damaged.


  • Much pain in the affected finger.
  • A bright redness in the crease of the finger.
  • Swelling around the nail.
  • Sensitivity and inflammation.
  • Possible infection.

People suffering from arthritis, obesity, and circulatory problems or whose immune defenses are low are those with the greatest risk of presenting ingrown toenails.

Home remedies for ingrown nails

  • Put a chopped garlic on the affected finger. Let it work all night, cover with a bandage so that it does not move.
  • Another procedure that you can perform is to dip the affected nail into a little onion juice.


  • You can soak the diseased nail even in warm water and salt. Then leave your finger covered all night.
  • Soaking the affected nail is the most used home remedy. It is very effective to make it with a little marigold mother tincture in half a liter of hot water. It is left to rest for about thirty minutes; then, wrap your finger with a clean fabric. Leave it this way for the whole night and you will notice an improvement already the following day.
  • Cut a lemon and heat it. Dig it a bit ‘so you can introduce the affected finger. Leave your finger in the lemon for about twenty minutes: the citrus will relieve the pain.
  • Finally, to reduce inflammation and extract the ingrown nail more easily, you must peel and wash a carrot. Grate it and put it on your finger. Leave for one or two hours.

Special recommendations to grow nails properly


  • Cut the nails giving them a straight shape. It is very important to remember that the shape must be straight, never rounded because in this way the nail curves and penetrates into the skin.
  • Do foot baths with lukewarm water to reduce pain: soak your foot several times a day in hot water for half an hour. In this way the pain will decrease and you will be able to extract the nail.
  • Buy suitable shoes. The front of the shoes should not tighten the foot so that the fingers have sufficient space. The height of the shoes should preferably be a maximum of two and a half centimeters.
  • Wear open shoes at home. When you’re home, wear open shoes. In this way the damaged nail can heal more easily.
  • Avoid collisions. When a nail is ingrown and you hit your foot against a surface, this can cause your nail to become even more incarnate. For this reason you have to be very careful, especially if you are wearing open shoes.
  • Consult a doctor. Especially if the person suffers from diabetes, the first thing to do when presenting the first symptom of an ingrown toenail is to consult a doctor. It is possible, in fact, that there are some complications due to poor circulation.