How many hours do you have to sleep?

The number of hours of sleep varies according to each person. Sometimes it is necessary to rest during the day if you have not slept properly during the night.

We all know that newborns must sleep many hours a day. Older children need to sleep at least nine hours to ensure proper development and we, adults, do everything to respect their hours of rest. However, we often are not aware of the fact that we too need an adequate number of hours to rest sufficiently and allow our body to function properly.

How many hours do you have to sleep to rest enough?

The hours necessary to get enough sleep depend above all on the characteristics of each person and age. There are people who need more hours of sleep to feel really rested.

We all know that the regenerative sleep of the night helps us to restore our body both physically and mentally. This is the reason why it is important to be very constant and careful with the schedules to devote to our rest.

Depending on your age, several hours of rest per night are required:

  • Newborns must sleep at least fourteen or fifteen hours a day.
  • Children aged one to three must sleep between twelve and fourteen hours.
  • Children of school age must sleep from ten to eleven hours.
  • Adults need seven to nine hours of rest a day.
  • Older people can not have a peaceful sleep and wake up several times during the night, so they need to rest during the day to make up for lost sleep.

The hours of sleep are sacred

It is necessary to sleep the necessary hours every night. Sufficient sleep one day and the other is not good: we would do much less in our daily activities for not having sufficiently rested. Furthermore, there is the possibility that this causes episodes of stress, seriously damaging our health.

Sleep must be continuous and of good quality. Sleeping in a prolonged way without a glitch is not the same as when you wake up every minute during these eight hours.

A rest of poor quality can generate stress, anxiety and depression as mentioned above. The most important thing is to make the right decision and want to have a quality rest, respect the hours required to be active and to do well and to have a better quality of life. Furthermore, one must also think about the effects that an inadequate rest can cause in the future.

Keep in mind that not resting sufficiently can be dangerous to your health. Maybe you will not notice it in the short term, but the day will come when you will feel some consequences following the lack of rest. If your job requires you to spend many nights in white, try to rest during the day to recover these important hours of sleep.